The Voice Merlin – Dr. Christopher Shelt

He Works Wonders with Voices!





The Voice Merlin – Dr. Christopher Shelt

He Works Wonders with Voices!




Dr. Shelt is an experienced, versatile singer of multiple genres. Though classically trained, he grew up in an environment where he was immersed in the styles of the Big Band era and is an avid performer of the Great American Songbook tradition (Sinatra, Bennett, etc). In addition to Classical performances, Dr. Shelt is available for weddings, wedding receptions, large and small private parties, restaurant dinner music settings, as well as Church related sacred concerts and appearances. Dr. Shelt does play piano and can play and sing should the occasion be so suited.


If you are a public speaker, preacher, educator, or broadcaster, you can improve the effectiveness of your presentations with vocal training. Many voice professionals suffer from excessive vocal fatigue and pain. Dr. Shelt has helped many individuals, whose work required extensive public speaking, solve their chronic, vocal pain issues. A well-produced voice not only increases the attention span of your audience, it promotes vocal longevity and health.


Online or locally in studio $60.00 an hour or $40.00 per half hour.


A Church Music Renewal Weekend usually consists of :

1) Teaching on Biblical Models for Music and Worship Ministries for All Participants;

2) More In-Depth Q and A Discussion Sessions with Church Leaders and Staff;

3) Clinics for Professional and Lay Church Musicians;

4) Vocal Work with Choral Ensembles and Individual Vocalists;

5) Preparation of a Culminating, Participatory Celebratory Worship Event.

Why study voice with Dr. Shelt, the Voice Merlin?

What sets Dr. Christopher Shelt apart as a Voice Teacher?

1) Specific Knowledge: Dr. Shelt knows how your voice actually works, having precise knowledge of the bodily anatomy that are the structures of speaking and singing and how they work together. Precise knowledge of anatomy and function matters as much in the vocal studio as much as it does in the doctor’s office.

2) Superior Experience: Dr. Shelt has 36 years of field experience working with many students from a truly international ethnic diversity, diagnosing and correcting vocal faults, having studied and developed effective techniques to match.

3) Stylistic Versatility: Dr. Shelt has specifically trained voices in Classical, Broadway, Great American Song Book, Jazz, Pop, Gospel, and Christian music... His goal is to help each student discover the genres and styles that fit their goals and their instrument well.

4) Solid Technical Approach: Dr. Shelt takes a common sense approach to vocal technique. In a world where truly fine voices are often damaged due to a lack of technical skill, Dr. Shelt builds the foundations of singing so singers can attain a versatile, functional voice, with maximum effectiveness for the least wear and tear. No matter whether a motor powers a family sedan or a race car, we want it to run well, with the engine still intact at the end of the day!   Once we get the voice working well, we can use that vocal “motor” to drive lots of various styles, and genres.

5) Servant’s Heart: Dr. Shelt sincerely cares about his student’s lives and aspirations, seeking to serve their goals with thoughtful integrity. He listens and communicates!

6) Sound Results: Dr. Shelt does not just have a history of results. Many students can tell a tremendous difference in their singing during their very first lesson. It takes time for old habits to be replaced by new ones, but positive change will be evident along the path of training from the very start.


Vocal Boot Camp is a group vocal experience, a voice seminar of a few hours duration.   We all speak… We all sing… Some better than others…. But…Do you know how your voice really works? Do you know why your voice sounds different than anyone else’s in the world? Do you really know what a vowel is? Do you know why a professional singer can break a crystal glass by singing a single note? Do you know how Mariah Carey makes those really high notes? Vocal Boot Camp will lead you into an entertaining and educational journey of discovery, exploring the remarkable structure the most amazing instrument of all, the human voice. When we get through… you will think “WOW,” I never knew how awesome my own voice really is. Vocal Boot Camp is more than just lecture, it is lab too. It is a “hands-on” learning experience. Why not become a better singer than you are now? Why not learn how your voice really works? Why not get some help in being a better singer? Why not have a great time while you are learning some new stuff?


Building Vision for World-Impacting Local Church Music Ministries

Why should you invite Dr. Christopher Shelt to do a Worship Renewal Weekend or Church Music Consultation?

1) Solid Biblical Foundations - Dr. Shelt is a carefully trained, evangelical scholar with two Master’s level degrees in Bible. His passionate focus has been on biblical Church Theology and its implications for Church Music;

2) Years of Practical Experience - Dr. Shelt has work “in the trenches” with real Kingdom citizens for 35 years;

3) Wealth of Multi-Disciplined Characteristics - Performer, Educator, Conductor, Biblical Scholar / Speaker, Consultant - Allow for a Full Weekend of Both Instruction and Practical Participation without excessive expense;

4) Passionate Servant Heart - Dr. Shelt genuinely cares about the God’s people, the Church for whom Jesus gave His life.