The Voice Merlin – Dr. Christopher Shelt

The Voice Merlin – Dr. Christopher Shelt

He Works Wonders with Voices!




Questions & Answers

The Voice Merlin – Dr. Christopher Shelt

He Works Wonders with Voices!




 Questions and Answers

Can you help my daughter get a part in the school musical? My daughter was crushed that she didn’t make showchoir…

The Voice Merlin says: Casting a spell on the local school teacher is forbidden; however, voice training with the Voice Merlin has often made a huge difference in both matters of the voice and matters of the heart. Many young singers have learned to cast a spell on their audience!


My son has trouble singing on pitch… Is there any hope?

The Voice Merlin’s cauldron boils ominously when boys are labeled as non-singers, sometimes even by their own mothers. Unless informed about reality, a boy tries to sing as if he has the voice of an adult male, a voice he does not have… until things…well….change. Patience, encouragement, and wise vocal training will enable 95 percent of boys to sing. Nearly all men who cannot sing are just grown-up boys who were foolishly labeled a non-singer as a child and just gave up. The VoiceMerlin is not amused…

Isn’t singing something your are just born with?

The VoiceMerlin’s wand threatens fiercely when he hears people say such nonsense! How are great athletes identified and trained? By early experiences with qualified coaches. The coordinated skills necessary to play sports must be trained and honed, much like wizardry. Singing requires coordination of skills, the earlier the better, just as much as any sport, gymnastics, or dance. The “ballet” producing the singing voice takes place inside the body. Yes, comparatively few people have the capability to become the world’s greatest singers. But, virtually every person can learn to sing very well indeed with proper training and experience. And with the help of The VoiceMerlin, well…. It’s magic!

I cannot carry a tune in a bucket…You can’t help me!

The VoiceMerlin looks sternly upon you, with a….pail…., fixed gaze: “That is not what buckets are for…” Nearly everyone who has told the VoiceMerlin that they cannot carry as tune in a bucket (and lived) have became liars in a matter of moments…

Can you help me get ready for college choir auditions?

The VoiceMerlin replies: Can King Arthur swordfight? Is Lady Guinevere hot?

When should a child start voice lessons?

The VoiceMerlin smiles: Children can take voice lessons once they have the self-control to focus for a half-hour in the presence of a very entertaining wizard. Vocal technique is best taught before bad habits, become bad habits. Children are taught the same technical skills as an older person, just in different, age appropriate, ways. The essential skills transfer to the adult voice without change. With kids, it just takes some hocus…focus…

Can you help my son get ready to audition for music school?

The VoiceMerlin snarkily replies: Is Sir Lancelot a fat guy? Silly question…

Do you help amateurs or do you just work with pros?

The VoiceMerlin joyfully casts his spells on all who truly want to learn the magic of singing. People have very different reasons for studying the art of singing. The VoiceMerlin keeps each students spellbound by tailoring lessons to fit each students goals and objectives.

I am afraid… Can you give an honest, but kind assessment?

The VoiceMerlin is a powerful but kind hearted wizard. Fear is the most negative spell of all. Every successful singer has to be willing to fail in order to succeed. No knight learned how to ride a steed without first mounting the beast! For that matter, no one ever ever learned to ride a steed who was afraid to fall. You need not fear when The VoiceMerlin is Near!

My voice hurts. Can you tell me why?

The VoiceMerlin says: You might just be from Chicago or Boston where vocal stress is just part of the accent… Some people, due to their cultural and family background, simply acquire, by imitation, very bad vocal habits. Bad habits repeated… hurt… Our body will produce both spoken and sung utterances dysfunctionally unless functional techniques are habituated. The VoiceMerlin’s goal is to replace bad, dysfunctional habits, with good, functional ones. Poooooof!!!! Pain is gone.