The Voice Merlin – Dr. Christopher Shelt

He Works Wonders with Voices!





The Voice Merlin – Dr. Christopher Shelt

He Works Wonders with Voices!





John Mathieu

2018 American Opera Society of Chicago, Best Vocal Artist Award in honor of Helen Chastain Sowa

Mr. Mathieu holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music in voice performance from Belhaven University and a Master of Music in Voice Performance from Roosevelt University’s Chicago College of Performing Arts. He expects to earn his Professional Diploma from CCPA in 2020.

"Dr. Shelt is a marvelous voice instructor as evidenced by the results of his students as well as his unrelenting pursuit of knowledge and understanding. His pedagogical approach is founded in scientific understanding and experience as well as compassion and friendship.

I was privleged to begin my professional voice studies with Dr. Shelt as an undergraduate. He helped mold and more importantly build my instrument. His expertise spans many musicial styles, ranging from opera and classical to jazz and Christian music. He also possesses very strong understanding of the classic operatic languages. It was a pleasure to study with him!"


Anne Miller

Fine Arts Director, Tuscaloosa Christian School

"Dr. Shelt has been an invaluable mentor and resource to me as a high school choral teacher. He has such a unique way of explaining the scientific reasons the workings of the voice. Every lesson I leave thinking, Wow! I didn’t know I could do that! His encouragement to me and my choral students has made a lasting, positive impact on our school’s music program. If you or your school has the opportunity to work with Dr. Shelt, DO IT! You will be so glad that you did."


Tori Gozzi

Completed Masters at Westminster Choir College in Vocal Pedagogy and Performance. Now, Artistic Director of the Newtown Centre of Classical Ballet & Voice.

"Dr. Shelt was my vocal professor during my undergraduate education. He made sure my degree was tailored toward my learning style as a scientifically-minded student and helped create a solid foundation for all my studies, especially knowledge of my own voice, over my four years with him. He also desired for his students to become caring and compassionate musicians and educators and opened our minds and ears to the beauty of musical cultures around the world, using music as a way in which to unite people across cultural divides, something which continues to shape me personally and in my work as an educator today.  His hands-on, experiential teaching approach both in the classroom and abroad put his students at an advantage in the field; I felt highly prepared for my graduate studies and teaching practicum in the areas of vocal pedagogy and vocal science because of his tutelage."

Issac Faulkner

"I took a few semesters of voice lessons with Dr. Shelt during my junior and senior years of high school, and I cannot express how much he has benefitted me. Before I took lessons with Dr. Shelt, I participated in school productions and choir, but his teachings took my vocal potential and performance to a whole new level. I became more confident with my voice, and he taught me to sing the correct way. Dr. Shelt’s faith, testimony, and wisdom blessed me every time I met with him. HIs lessons were such a blessing and joy in my life; one of my favorite parts of his lessons were his clear, and sometimes comical, analogies about vocal mechanics. Dr. Shelt’s vocal lessons were the best thing I could have done for my voice. I highly recommend taking lessons from him."

Lollie Vaughan-Robinson PhD, CCC-SLP

Associate Professor of Communicative Disorders at Jackson State University.

"Dr. Shelt has served as a guest lecturer on Vocal Pedagogy in my Voice Disorders course for graduate speech-language pathologists for three years now. The students love him! He masterfully breaks down difficult concepts related to breathing and voice production during speech and singing in an engaging manner that helps the students' comprehension of the material. The students have fun as he demonstrates the concepts with singers and non-singers in the group. His passion for his craft is contagious! The students discuss the concepts they learn from him for weeks after the lecture."


Lee Farrar Bailey

Free-Lance Artist

"Dr. Christopher Shelt not only taught voice lessons that established a free and healthy vocal production, but he also invested in his students' lives outside of lessons and rehearsals. He modeled a unique blend of professionalism and faith that has inspired my own teaching philosophy to encourage students to discover, develop, and apply their gifts and skills."

Jesse Noote

High School Teacher

Doctor of Music Arts grad student - "As a junior music major at Belhaven College, I really did not know what I was going to do with my degree. During a class with Chris Shelt that year, he stated that he saw conducting potential in me, and that he would like to help me explore this career possibility. I will never forget the first time he allowed me to conduct the concert choir. I knew from that moment that this is what I was meant to do.  He would meet with me on a regular basis to discuss gesture, tone, style, or any other topic related to conducting. He challenged me as a musician, answered my questions about class, helped me explore career options, and even prayed with me as I sought God's plan for my future. I should also mention that most of the time he spent with me was outside of class. Chris Shelt helped guide me to my first teaching job and ultimately helped launch my career. He was more than a teacher. He was mentor who went out of his way to let me know he cared and to uncover my own potential. Since that time, I have directed many choirs to district and state festivals with success. In 2007, I was voted Young Outstanding Music Educator of the Year by the Mississippi Music Educators Association.  I was voted Teacher of the Year at my school. I recently completed my Doctor of Musical Arts degree at the University of Southern Mississippi. None of this would have happened without the loving and guiding hand of Chris Shelt. I am forever grateful to you."


Kara Funke

Adjunct Professor and Vocal Coach

Kara Funke received her BA in Church Music from Belhaven University and MM in Vocal Pedagogy and Vocal Performance from Belmont University. Kara is an adjunct professor of music at Covenant College and the vocal coach and orchestra conductor for the musical theatre department at Chattanooga Christian School.
"I came to Dr. Shelt in need of comprehensive technical coaching & training. His extensive knowledge of vocal technique was obvious and coupled with his passion for teaching and his commitment and love for his students, he accelerated me to new levels of growth that were needed in becoming a complete, technically sound performer. Dr. Christopher Shelt was paramount in my skill development that I draw from to this day as I sing on the professional stage in multiple genres and as I teach and coach my own students."

Virginia Jetstrom Swilley

“Dr. Shelt was such a big part of my college experience and my growing-up process. As a mentor and teacher, he was always kind, open, a listening ear, and a great giver of wise counsel. His commitment to excellence in the studio and the choir room encouraged me to achieve, to reach for the best, and not just settle for “good enough”. Through almost 5 years of instruction together, my most vivid and valued memories of him include his willingness to put aside academic pursuits to really listen and help me with life, family, and relationship issues when I was in need. He was and is always trustworthy, always encouraging, always a friend.”



Virginia Hutto

“Dr. Shelt is truly a fantastic teacher. It takes a talented person to perform well, but it takes an even more talented person to teach how to perform well. Although I had already been singing for many years when I started lessons with him, I have progressed more rapidly in the past eight months than I have in years. Dr. Shelt played an invaluable role in my college audition process and I am very grateful to have him as a teacher.”